We can develop a healthy, strong, resilient mind and body.

Using mindfulness practices, we notice anxiety when it is at a lower level and practice effective, science-backed practices to calm our nervous system, self-regulate emotions and enjoy a happier life.

This is what we cover in the course:

  • The root causes of anxiety
  • How anxiety shows up in our body, breath and thoughts
  • Tools to let your past be in the past
  • Develop a more accurate perception of threat, coming down from hyper-vigilance and red alert
  • Two simple ways to stop catastrophic and compulsive thinking
  • Social anxiety
  • Fear of flying
  • How to leave panic attacks behind

You may feel the grey half-life of low level anxiety or you might be experiencing extreme anxiety or PTSD. You might be on medication. The understanding and practices in this course will support you and are complementary to other treatments.

This course is for you

  • You are sick of being stressed out and being hijacked by the past
  • You want to know how you got here and how you can help yourself
  • You are willing to try these simple proven techniques and tools

Calm your stress and anxiety. Gain resilience and strength. Watch the previews and sign up for this course.

I know it is possible for you to heal.

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Calming Anxiety

Understanding and Healing Anxiety