Patricia Vickers on Covid: Our deep caring and strength under the trauma

This interview was recorded in the late spring of 2020

Spiritual Transformation, Healing Trauma, Awakening, Forgiveness

Trauma and Soul Retrieval

Our ancestors on the North West Coast of British Columbia believe that when a person experiences a traumatic event, such as a near drowning, that a part of their soul is lost, it breaks away and remains in the geographic location until healing is sought to retrieve the missing part of the victim. When we lose a part of self through trauma, through violence, through abuse or neglect, this is called soul loss.

Soul retrieval is the ability to return to the traumatic event to retrieve the missing part of self. Returning enables the soul–emotions, beliefs and physiological experiences–to become clear. Returning enables the individual to bring together splintered parts of spirit, body and mind. 

Patricia Vickers is a PhD, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Spiritual Director International.

The early years of my childhood were lived in Gitxsan territory, Hazelton, and the remainder of my childhood and adolescent years were in Coast Salish territory in Victoria. I’ve spent my life traveling between the north and the south appreciating the variations of cultural protocol and ancestral teachings all along the coast of British Columbia.

My cultural heritage weaves ancestry from the United Kingdom, Ts’msyen and Heiltsuk nations. I belong to the Eagle clan from the village of Gitxaala, British Columbia and carry two feast hall names from my village and from the Nuxalk in Bella Coola, British Columbia. I continue my studies of spiritual transformation, healing trauma, awakening, forgiveness and unearthing layers to find the authentic self, and to serve others with authenticity and integrity.

Patricia June Vickers




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