Safety IS the treatment

“The effect of trauma is that we disconnect from ourselves, our sense of value, and the present moment.” Dr Gabor Maté

Through this ten day course, you will see how our childhood experiences affect the development of our brain and nervous system, and the long term effect of that throughout our adult lives. We learn simple, powerful practices to build strength and resilience long term and to emotionally down-regulate when we are stressed. 

Trauma is stored in our body as sensations and energy along with associated thoughts and memories. We practice three ways to lessen their intensity so we can remain grounded in the present moment. You will be able to identify when you are emotionally flooded and common trauma responses of fight/flight/freeze: anger and lashing out; denial and numbing out. 

We cover why we turn against ourselves, develop false core deficiency beliefs like feeling unworthy or unlovable, and how to heal with kindness and compassion.

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