Root Causes of Anxiety

We are evidence based systems. Our brain develops based on our experience. Our thoughts and beliefs are formed through our experience.

In our life, we will all experience risk, danger, being hurt, unkindness and harm.

We have the capacity to more resilient and stronger so we can weather the storms.

Our primitive brain developed in response to conditions thousands of years ago. Our brains are not built to process the level and intensity of traumatic images from the news and the pace of modern life.

Our ancestors were vigilant and good at recognizing threat or they would not have survived to pass on their genes.

Improve the quality of your life through connection. Children need warm connection to feel safe and to thrive.

When we're neglected or abused, we numb out. We turn to addiction instead of other people.

We struggle. Our breath becomes shallow. Children form beliefs that there is something wrong with us.

Human beings are meant to connect with each other. This is calming for our nervous system.

Our body is not able to handle stresses of modern life. Dr Gabor Maté: The Body Says No

This course covers the root causes of anxiety and gives you practical, effective tools to become stronger and more resilient.