Feeling Anxious at a Social Gathering

We look for evidence of a threat.

We feel uneasy, or have a gut sense. There clearly is a threat.

Our primitive brain is hypervigilant - we overreact or become numb and not notice threat

Ideally we're relaxed, alert, and looking accurately at the level of threat

Is there something here that's dangerous? How do I experience that in my system?

We can look at words and images - can a picture that's not attached to energy hurt me? It's the Velcro between thoughts and energy that gives the intensity.

Notice the space around the images and around the energy or sensation

What is the actual threat? Is it a memory? We can release the associations that make it feel threatening.

People with PTSD have a skewed neuroception - we have trouble accurately assessing threat

Somatic mindfulness inquiry can help release the stickiness and we're able to be present in this moment in time